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Dent Repair Fraud in San Diego
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Watch out for this fraudulent activity. Don't become a victim - use a licensed repair company like the Dent Doc!



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Buyer Beware:

Dent Repair Fraud in San Diego:

  Over the past few years a number of individuals have perpetrated a dent repair fraud on unsuspecting car owners in San Diego. Here is how the scheme works: An individual approaches the owner of a dented vehicle and offers to repair it.

After agreeing to a price, the individual spends 20-30 minutes "working" on the car, then covers the dent with a mysterious substance that he claims "should washed off after a few days." When the owner of the vehicles finally washes off the substance, they discover the dent was never actually repaired.

Be wary of anyone who approaches you in a parking lot offering to repair your vehicle. Before authorizing any repair, check to see if the company is licensed by the State Bureau of Automotive Repair. Dent, windshield, and bumper repair companies are required by law to register with BAR. You can check the license status of any repair company by visiting:

CA Bureau of Automotive Repair


One repair company in San Diego, who shall remain nameless, claims that the "Heat & Pop" bumper repair process is bad for your vehicle, when in fact "Heat & Pop" is the industry standard for minor bumper repairs, and is used by reputable companies from coast to coast.

This company further claims that they use a method that is superior to "Heat & Pop," then they go on to describe their method, which involves the exact same process and tools used in "Heat & Pop." Perhaps they feel that by giving "Heat & Pop" a fancy name they can charge more for bumper repairs.

Regardless, it is unethical to make false statements about bumper repair techniques in order make sales. While it is true that we are all competing for your business, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it.



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