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Since 1991 The Dent Doc has provided professional dent, ding, bumper, rim, and windshield repair service in San Diego County. Our highly skilled technicians can perform most repairs in less than 2-3 hours, at your location, and at a fraction of a body shop repair!



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Dent Repair Terms

Every industry uses trade terms and the dent repair business is no different. Below we have provided a brief list of dent repair terms so you can understand "dent-speak" the next time you  talk to a dent repair technician.

Access - PDR techs need to gain "access" to the back or underside of a dent in order to fix it.

Crown - A high point in a dent that is raised above the surface of the metal. It normally is "tapped" down using a special set of tools.

Drilling - This involves drilling holes into the metal to give the PDR technician access to difficult-to-reach areas (we avoid drilling at all costs and would use it as a last resort AFTER speaking to you)

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) - Repairing car dents without repainting the vehicle. PDR is shorthand for this term.

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) - Repairing car dents without repainting the vehicle.

Small Dent - Dent is no larger than your hand.

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