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Shown at the right is a typical toolkit used by dent repair technicians.



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Dent Repair Tools of the Trade:

Paintless Dent Repair is an art and a science. Dent repair technicians use a variety of different tools to fix your dents and dings. Below you will find photos of some of the most common dent repair tools used by PDR technicians today.

What is PDR?

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Standard Dent Repair Toolset:

Pictured below is a fairly standard set of dent removal tools of different sizes and lengths, which permit access to difficult to reach areas. The dent repair tech will grasp the handle of the tool and apply just the right amount of pressure at key points to "massage" out your dent. In addition to pushing out the dent, it may be necessary to "tap down" high spots in a dent (called "crowns").

Lighting Systems:

Dents and dings may be difficult to see unless the dent repair technician is using a light board, which may be attached to the car or a light stand, as in the pictures shown below, giving the tech free use of his hands.

The dent repair technician uses a light board (there are several types) to help "read" the dent. Using reflections or lining up parallel bars of light make it possible to determine when the surface is level.

Glue Pull Tools:

If the dent repair technician is unable to access the area behind your dent, he may use a Glue Pull. Instead of "tapping" out the dent from behind, they will attach glue pulls - which are completely harmless when used correctly - and actually pull the dent out.

There are many other tools in the dent tech's arsenal. We just wanted to share some of the most common ones with you.

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