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Find out how much it costs to repair that damaged bumper. Prices start at $125 for heat and pop repairs. On this page we show you what sort of prices to expect, based on the type of bumper damage. Repairing your bumper is much cheaper than replacing it.


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Bumper Repair Prices

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How Much Will It Cost?

Bumper repair prices start at $125 - Please contact us and we'll provide you with an exact quote on your bumper repair.

What determines the price? The price will be closer to $125 if the paint is not scratched or scuffed (paint transfer from another vehicle can often make your bumper damage appear worse than it actually is). The price will be higher if your bumper has scratches or cracks, as sanding and repainting will take longer.

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How Are Repair Prices Determined?

First, the size of the dent, scratch, or scuff is not the only variable that determines the repair price. For example, you might be surprised to learn that of the two damaged bumpers shown below, the one on the right - which looks worse - actually cost less to repair because the paint was undamaged and we were able to use the "Heat and Pop" process. The bumper on the left - which appears to have only minor damage - was a more expensive repair because the bumper had to be sanded, primered, and repainted.

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Bumper Repair Prices

Bumper Repair Examples

The Repair Process

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