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Our highly skilled technicians can fix most bumper damage in 2-3  hours, at your location, and at a fraction of the cost of replacing your bumper! On this page we explain the bumper repair process, what is involved, and what kind of results to expect.


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Bumper Repair Process

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Most auto body shops will recommend replacing a damaged bumper, simply because it's easier and more profitable for the body shop. However, in many cases a plastic bumper can be repaired. 

Method #1 - Heat & Pop:

This is the preferred method, as it preserves your paint and the structural integrity of your bumper. Heat & Pop is appropriate for minor bumper dents where the paint is intact.

Before starting, our repair technician will determine what type of plastic your bumper is made of, and then clean both sides of the bumper to remove any contaminants. Then, he will use a heat gun on the reverse side of the bumper to soften it, which allows him to reform the shape of the plastic bumper. Our technician takes great care to avoid damaging the paint. Too much heat and the paint on the outer side of the bumper may crack or peel.

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Our repair technician will gradually reform the bumper (the plastic actually retains a "memory" of its original shape).

Method #2 - Sand, Patch, & Repaint:

If your bumper has more serious damage - dents, scratches, scuffs, or cracks - the bumper may need to be sanded down, primered, and repainted. In some cases it may be necessary to apply bondo to fill in the damaged areas on your bumper. Once the damage is repaired and repainted, several layers of clearcoat are applied, making the bumper repair almost invisible to the naked eye.

Method #3 - Plastic Weld:

If your plastic bumper has a crack in it, it may still be possible to repair it, using plastic welding, a process similar to welding metal. Our bumper repair tech will heat the bumper and literally weld it back together. This approach is practical for small bumper cracks, but large cracks - which may have undermined the structural integrity of the bumper - will require replacement of your bumper.


If you have any questions concerning plastic car bumper repair, feel free to contact us. Please send 2-3 pictures of the damage and we can tell you how much it cost to fix your bumper. Repair prices start at $125 (Heat and Pop).

Bumper Repair Pricing

Examples of Our Bumper Repair Work


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Bumper Repair Prices

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The Repair Process

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