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We have providing mobile windshield ding, dent, crack, and chip repair services in San Diego since 1991. We can fix most windshield cracks, dent, dings, and chips in less than 30 minutes, at your location, and at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windshield!



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Windshield Repair in San Diego

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The Dent Doc offers windshield repairs for minor rock chips, cracks, dings, and dents. Fixing a windshield  crack or chip while its small can prevent further damage and save you from having to replace your windshield later. In addition, the windshield damage will be much less noticeable after the repair.

Small windshield chips can spread over time due to vibrations in the road, dirt and debris collecting in the chip, temperature changes, and everyday wear and tear. Any and all of these factors can cause a small windshield chip to spread and develop into a large crack.

Cracks, dings, dents, and chips break the factory seal on the windshield and make it more vulnerable in the event of an accident. Windshield cracks and chips can also impair the driver's ability to see clearly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Why have a rock chip repaired?
The number one reason to have a rock chip repaired is to prevent the glass from cracking. Some rock chips do not change over time, while others may cause the windshield to crack. Although cracks may be repaired, the cost is significantly higher, and the repair is almost always detectable.
Why should I act now?
The longer you wait, the more contaminants may enter the chip, causing the repair process to be more difficult, and maybe even impossible. Also, the chip may crack out without any notice, one hour, one day, one week, one month or year after the initial impact. Waiting is a gamble.
How much is a typical windshield repair?
Most insurance companies will actually pay 100% of the repair cost regardless of your deductible. They do so with no penalty to you or your rates, because it saves them money over the long run. If you choose to pay us directly, the cost starts out at around $65.
After the repair, will my windshield be as good as new?
Repairing a crack or chip will prevent further damage, save you from buying a new windshield, and improve the appearance of your vehicle. However, only a new windshield will be "as good as new."
Do I have to take my car to you?
No, we are a mobile service and will come out to your location! Call for an appointment.

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We are authorized to handle all insurance repairs!

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